Full Home Services

Full Home Services

Love the home you live in but not the layout? Content with size (sqft) but don’t find its efficiently utilized?

Through our design agreement we work with you to create the perfect flow for you and your family. Full home renovations often involve moving walls and changing sizes or eliminating rooms to get that perfect layout.

Finding ways to maximise the home without having to add on helps keep costs down but still get the home you want. This process starts with existing layout drawings (if not available, Rusch will draw up the existing layout through the design agreement). We then work on a few options through our concept drawings based on your wants and needs and refine until we have that perfect design.

A full home reno can be from 4-6 months depending on size, these normally would require a move out or possibly exiled to the basement! Areas mostly touched by a full home reno are, mudrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, stair alterations, entrances, laundry. 



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